Temporarily, our site is offline due to a host migration taking place. We appreciate your patience significantly!

June 4 2020

Posted by Damian at 00:17 America/Chicago

Nexusfox Communications has now gotten a temporary site.
- Damian

May 30 2020

Posted by Damian at 21:42 America/Chicago

Our site will continue to be down due to the current riots taking place in america due to lack of individuals working on our new site. We're with you, America. #BlackLivesMatter
- Damian

May 29 2020

Posted by Damian at 19:19 America/Chicago

We've setup cloudflare on our new host and are rewriting a new site. Patience is key!
- Damian

May 27 2020

Posted by Damian at 02:34 America/Chicago

Our old host (hostinger) wouldn't handle the load of our users on their servers. We've switched over to a new host in hopes of continuing to have a home for our own services.
- Damian